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There are 20,000 families living in poverty in Carroll County. This means one in four children here is living in poverty.  

We can help these struggling members in our communities by addressing poverty, shifting from merely service delivery to self-sufficiency and community building.

Circles of West Georgia is a chapter of the national organization Circles USA.  Circles is a community-driven way to affect poverty and promote prosperity through long-term education and social support.

A “Circle” is made up of one Circle Leader, a person or family motivated to work toward a more economically stable lifestyle, and two Allies, community volunteers willing to build a supportive relationship that will help people reach their goals.

Circles program participants see life-changing results. Circles teaches self-sufficiency as it builds positive behavior and relationships.

33% of  current Circle Leaders have obtained or maintained full-time employment
33% of current Circle Leaders have obtained or maintained part-time employment
20% of current Circle Leaders have begun school full-time
33% of current Circle Leaders have obtained improved transportation

Circles’ success can reach beyond the Circle Leaders and their families. It can address generational poverty as children observe new behaviors and lifestyles. If a family learns a different way to live, this cycle can be broken.

Circles depends on community support and involvement as it mobilizes volunteers, community leaders, and organizations to partner with families in need.
-You can volunteer to be an Ally, helping Circle Leaders achieve their goals.
-You can refer people to become Circle Leaders and change their lives.
-You can provide a meal or help with childcare at one of the community meetings.
-You can make a donation at the Community Foundation of West Georgia Web site cfwg.net or by writing a check payable to CFWG-Circles of West Georgia. Mail to CFWG, 807 South Park Street, Carrollton, GA 30117.

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